Friday, 31 May 2013

snapshots from Shaheen Bagh...

Shaheen Bagh is a neighborhood by the Yamuna, in the southernmost tip of South Delhi. The neighbourhood is not that old. It came up only about a decade or two ago. Here are pictures taken around Shaheen Bagh... of meat shops, sabzi mandi and a madarsa.

Sabzi Mandi

cloth market, Sabzi Mandi

madarsa at Thokar 7

meat shop at Thokar 6

another meat shop at Thokar 6

meat shop at Thokar 7


  1. Nice. I too am a blogger in Jamia Nagar. Thanks. Thanks because i got some tips, between the lines, from your blog. Seems you have taken the snaps on the go. Nice.


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