Monday, 2 September 2013

In and around Brighton

I made this trip in 2011 but it is still fresh on my mind. London was a bit disappointing because when I reached there I thought it wasn't much different from Delhi, ironically though because Delhi has been home to me for more than a decade now and a place I seriously have come to love despite everything. But friends told me that had I lived in London for a few days, it would have also grown on me like Delhi. Anyways, I am glad that I didn't have to stay in London and spent my days in and around Brighton, savoring the beautiful Sussex countryside. In an earlier piece (Charming Countryside) for Deccan Herald, which one can read in my blog here, I had written about beautiful Brighton: places to see, be and savories to taste. Here, I would like to post a few pictures from in and around Brighton, like a photo-essay.

 one of the lanes in the marketplace, Brighton

 an old building and a new building exist side by side, Brighton

  in front of Brighton Pier

 Brighton Pier and a beach of pebbles not sand

  inside Stanmer Natural Park. this is private land but accessible to the public like most private land in England

  at Falmer village

 this is the oldest pub in Brighton

  there are many such Indian restaurants all over Brighton and London

  prawn cocktail at one of the oldest pubs in Brighton, Browns

 around Brighton town

 This is when Alan invited me over at his place for dinner, at Moulsecoomb. After the world war, a slum had emerged here. The local authorities created this wonderland to rehabilitate the slum dwellers in the 1950s. Now, most of the houses have been bought by people coming in from elsewhere like Alan, who works at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex; the rest however are still maintained by the local authorities

 this used to be a slum! Moulsecoomb.

  dinner at Alan and Sandy's house in Moulsecoomb

  Alan and Sandy's home at Moulsecoomb overlooking Brighton town

  the quaint Falmer railway station close to the University of Sussex

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